Kasbah Imsouane



Since 2018, Travel Surf Morocco has been delighted in opening up for you the doors of Kasbah Imsouane !

With its unusual and singular architecture, this traditional house located a convenient 5-minute walk from our main Surf Lodge is sure to be ideal for your surf vacation. You will find it very Moroccan cozy and appeasing, a safe haven away from any kind of frenzy in our little fisherman’s  village.


One main big house and comfortable adjacent apartments make up this traditional building which overlooks the village. The deco is simple yet very pure. The main house has 4 spacious rooms which can host up to 8 surfers (2 twin rooms, 1 double room and an additional twin room with its own private bathroom).

The apartments have each their own private entrance as well as a separate access to the commons area. Each apartment has a triple room, a living room with couch and TV, an equipped kitchenette and a bathroom. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery as they all overlook the ocean and the whole village of Imsouane.

Last but not least on the top floor of the Kasbah is nested the Skyroom, a room equipped with TV and private bathroom. It has its own  sundeck with a breathtaking view of the ocean.

The surf spirit is within all the commons area in the main house : shared kitchen, Moroccan living-room, outside showers as well as greenery and trees throughout the chill-out spaces for utmost relaxation. There is a patio with shade as well as a large panoramic terrace equipped with long chairs in order to make the most out of the sunny days, enjoy the scenery or during conversation while sipping on a nice cup of mint tea! Yoga mats are also available for you to use.

Located a 10-minute walk from the beach, the Kasbah provides everything one could ask for during your stay: comfortable bedding, hot showers, linen, bath towels and free unlimited WiFi.



Every morning the residents of the Kasbah walk to the surf camp (5-minutes away) for breakfast and the first surf session of the day. Scheduling is flexible and our surf coaches adapt it according to the forecast in order to have you make the most out of the current tides and conditions. Lunch is served outside, typically on the beach or in front of the surf spot, and is prepared by our now famous Chef Ahmed. After a well deserved nap, the time comes for a second surf session which very often lasts up until sunset… When night come we all gather at the surf camp for diner and the photo recap of your prowess of the day! Afterwards you can go out and enjoy the Imsouane nightlife or chill in front of a nice surf movie.