Through our FAQ, find the answer to all your practical questions about your stay: preparation and travel, surfing, accommodation and catering, activities, etc…


  • Formalities to travel

To enter Morocco, all non-Moroccan visitors are required to hold a valid passport. Depending on the nationality, a visa might also be necessary. However, in general, European travelers do not need a visa for tourism purposes for up to three months.

COVID : No more formalities or restrictions.

  • How to get to the surf camp?

We organize shuttle transfers from/to Agadir (travel time is about 2h – 2h30 from Imsouane) and Essaouira (about 1h30) airports.

From Marrakech, you have 2 options : 

   – Take a bus with Supratour or CTM which takes about 3h30. We will then organize your transfer from/to the bus stations in Essaouira or Agadir to/from our camp. 

   – In case you are interested in being picked up at Marrakech airport, even if it’s not included in our packages, we are happy to offer this extra service (70€ to divide between participants).

For ecological and also organizational reasons, shuttles are organized based on the arrival/departure times of surfers and can vary from day to day : 

   – For your arrival, waiting may be expected at the airport (2 hours maximum). If so, you will be notified by email 24 hours in advance.

   – For your departure, we will inform you of the time the day before.

  • When can I arrive in the surf camp : which day and what time ?

Most of the stays are from Saturday to Saturday. However, depending on the availability and the flights, we could easily organize your arrival or departure another day of the week. Regarding schedules, check-in rooms are from 2:00 PM and check-out until 12:00 AM. Depending on your arrival / departure time, you can leave your stuff at the surfcamp until your room is ready or until you leave.
Shuttles can be organized at any hour, but we kindly ask you to avoid arriving too early (before 8:00 am) or too late (after 9:00 pm) so that one of our team can welcome you properly 😉.

  • What companies provide the flights to Agadir and Essaouira airports ?

Below is a table summarizing the companies that fly to Agadir and Essaouira from different cities and the frequency of flights per week.

Transavia Paris Orly monday- friday (wednesday depending on the months)
Easyjet Bordeaux tuesday – saturday (from April to June then from September)
Brussels – Charleroi thursday- sunday
London – Stansted monday – thursday
Madrid monday – friday
Marseille Provence thrusday – sunday
Lyon saturday (and wednesday from June to August)
Nantes tuesday – sunday
Paris – Orly Everyday
Basle saturday (except July/August) and tuesday
Until October : wednesday – saturday
From November : tuesday – thursday – sunday
Glasgow From November : tuesday – saturday
London – Gatwick
Until June then September : everyday (except sunday and monday)
July and August : wednesday – thursday – saturday
London – Luton tuesday – sunday
Lyon From November : tuesday – saturday
Manchester From November : monday – wednesday – saturday
Bordeaux friday – sunday
Brussels – Charleroi tuesday – wednesday – sunday
Krakow sunday
Dublin tuesday – saturday
Lisbon friday
London – Stansted tuesday – wednesday – sunday
Madrid thursday – sunday
Manchester monday – wednesday – saturday
Marseille Provence wednesday – thursday – saturday
Milan – Bergame monday – thursday
Nantes monday – friday
Paris Beauvais everyday (except monday and sunday)
Perpignan monday- friday
Porto monday – friday
Strasbourg wednesday- saturday
Tenerife South tuesday – wednesday – saturday
Toulouse monday – thursday
Valencia monday – saturday
Weeze friday – sunday
Brussels wednesday – friday – sunday
Lille wednesday – sunday
Paris Orly thursday – saturday (tuesday from June)
Air France Paris Charles de Gaulle saturday – sunday (July-August only)
Luxair Luxembourg wednesday – saturday
Vueling Paris Orly monday – wednesday – friday – saturday

The flight schedule is likely to change, we advise you to check directly on the companies’ websites.

  • What’s the weather like in Morocco ?

Winter Time (November – March) :

Average external temperature during the day is 22 °C and in the evening it is14 °C
Average water temperature is 17 °C

Summer Time (April – October) :

Average external temperature during the day is 28 °C and in the evening it is 22 °C
Average water temperature is 22 °C

The weather is overall sunny (only some rainy days between November and March), with occasional windy afternoons.

  • What to pack for a comfortable stay ?

During winter, we highly recommend warmer clothes for the chillier evenings (such as sweaters, pants, jacket, beanie, and trainers) along with summer clothes for the sunny days. During summer, light clothes (shorts and t-shirts) will do with long sleeve clothes and pants for chillier evenings.

We provide a bath towel and bed linen. You should bring a beach towel, as well as sunscreen, a swimsuit, a pair of flip-flops, sunglasses and a hat, but also shower gel and shampoo. Don’t forget to bring a USB key to copy the photos of your best surfing sessions !

If you wish, you can also take your own wetsuit even though we provide you one for your sessions. A 4/3mm for winter and a 3/2mm or shorty for summer are perfect.

  • What is the local currency ? Are there exchange offices or ATMs in the village ?

The local currency is dirham (1 euro ≈ 11 dirhams). There is no exchange office or ATM in Imsouane, so you must withdraw/change the money at the airport for any personal needs (souvenirs, yoga, massage, excursions, snacks, tea/coffee…).

  • How much money should I bring ?

We recommend bringing between 100 and 300 €, depending on your wishes. 

Concerning daily life expenses, here are some examples :

   – A 5L can of water costs around 10 dh, bread is 2 dh.

   – For snacks, a crepe is between 20 and 40 dh, a tea around 15 dh, and a smoothie 40 dh.

For other activities in Imsouane, the following table summarizes their prices

Massages and relaxation
Massage From 250 to 300 dh
Hammam & exfoliation 250 dh
Hammam & massage 500 dh
Private class 300 dh
Group class (1 hour) 150 dh/person (min 2 participants)
Essaouira 100 € (to share between participants)
Surf in Tamri’s dunes 15€/person (min 3 person)

The drive to Essaouira is around 1h30. Tamri’s dunes are 30 km from Imsouane (about 25 minutes).

Finally, at the camp, we also propose souvenirs (t-shirts, hats, tote bags, poncho…),local products (amlou, cosmetic or food argan oil…) as well as solar sticks.

  • Tipping in Morocco

In Morocco, it is usual to give tips (between 5 and 10% of the bill) in restaurants, cafes, to taxis, guides, etc.

At the surfcamp, you can leave tips to anyone from the team (taxi, surf, reception, kitchen, housework). It is nice to give it directly at the end of your stay. Otherwise, a tip box is available for the full Travel Surf Morocco’s team.

  • What languages ​​are spoken in Morocco ?

The most spoken language is Moroccan Arabic (Darija) and Berber (Amazigh). But do not worry, most people also speak French and English.

  • Is there a pharmacy / a doctor in Imsouane ?

You can find both a pharmacy and a doctor just a few meters away from the surfcamp.

You will find most of the medications and healthcare products you need at  the pharmacy (notice that you do not require a prescription for antibiotics). Nonetheless, we highly recommend you to bring yours if you follow specific treatment.

The doctor is open everyday (except monday and tuesday), and he speaks both French and English. He can be reached in case of emergency.

The nearest hospital is in Agadir. In case of emergency , we will guide you to a specialized structure.

Finally, before leaving, check your insurance’s cover and be sure to get its emergency phone number.

  • Can I drink tap water ?

Running water is drinkable, but we recommend drinking bottled water during your stay. We will provide you with water during the meals. Outside the meals, you can easily buy water in every grocery store. A water filter is also available in the kitchen. Fill your gourd every day to reduce the use of plastic bottles. Be sure to keep hydrated during your stay !

You can use tap water to take a shower and brush your teeth without any problems.

  • Can I use my mobile phone in Morocco ?

You should check with your operator the conditions of use abroad. 

We provide you with a wifi network in all our accommodations, and you can also buy a local SIM  with Internet at the airport (Orange, Maroc Telecom…) and then recharge it online (5 GO for 5€).

Or you can also try to step off your phone for a week and enjoy your essential things !


  • How are surf lessons organized?

The programme of the day and surf lessons are scheduled according to the waves conditions and the tides, but also the spot’s attendance, so that you could surf at the best moment. Count about 4 hours of surfing per day (depending on your physical condition !). If you want, it’s possible to use the boards outside the lessons after asking the instructors (safety reasons).

The sessions are adapted to your level (1 instructor for 7 persons maximum).

  • What kind of surfboards are available?

We have all types of boards : softboards for beginners/children and evolutive hard boards in all sizes for intermediate surfers (NSP, Torq). 

We also offer a large range of collection surfboards (Takayama, Christenson, Bluff longboards), as well as handshaped boards (Fahd Surfboard, Garage handshaping, etc),, but also  pro-Indiana model, shortboards, hard or inflatable SUP with carbon fiber paddle.

During your stay, you will have the possibility to try different boards according to the conditions of the waves and your progression, which is a massive advantage of our school.

  • When is it the best time to surf ?

In Morocco, surf conditions are good during the entire year. The season of big swells is during winter, mainly in the areas of Taghazout and Agadir. Imsouane offers excellent and fairly steady surfing conditions during all seasons (even during the summer). Summer is a good moment to discover surfing in Imsouane : little waves, warm water, not much crowd surf spot and nice temperatures.

  • I have never surfed before, is it a problem ?

No worries, you are here to learn ! Imsouane is the perfect place to start. Our two spots are ideal for discovering surfing. The Magic Bay is ideal for progressing : sandy bottom, little current, easy paddling out and protected spot ! There are no shore breaks or baïnes, but long and mellow waves with an easy access to the peak. Also, our instructors are there to supervise you and ensure your safety whether conditions are easy or trickier.

  • Are there photos / photo analysis ?

There is a photographer at most of the session, and we generally do photo analysis twice a week (generally on Tuesday and Friday). We try to have photos of everyone (don’t forget to put on the TSM lycra to be seen in the crowd).

  • What to do in Imsouane apart from surfing ?

Visits, rest, self-care… There are many things to do in Imsouane and around. You can find an article about it on our blog.


  • Can I book a private room ?

Our Packages include accommodation in a shared (non-mixed) room with a capacity of 2 to 4 people. 

According to availability, it is possible for a couple / two people to stay in a double / twin room with an extra (between 10 and 25 € per person depending on the room) and for a single person to opt for a single room (between 10 and 30 € depending on the room). 

We also offer private apartments for groups and families of 3 to 4 people with a supplement of 15€/night/person. It’s also possible to privatize a triple/quadruple room with an extra of 5€/night/person.

  • What if I am on a special diet ?

May you be vegetarian ,vegan, or you have intolerances or allergies is not a problem to us !  You should just write it on the form we send you during your reservation (do not hesitate to remind us when you arrive). Our kitchen team will do its best to fit your menu and special wishes 😉

  • What is provided in the surf lodge ?

We provide a bath towel, sheets, and water during meals. If necessary, there is a possibility to wash your clothes (50dh).

  • Are babies and kids welcome ?

As a family (with baby Inès born in 2018 and Yuba in 2022), we are happy to welcome you with your children, regardless of their age ! It will be a pleasure for the team to welcome them :). For the youngers, we can provide you with a baby cot, a high chair and other childcare accessories/toys on request.

For the older ones who would like to discover surfing, we recommend waiting until they are 5-6years old. They have to be motivated and comfortable enough in the water to ride their first waves  ! A life jacket is available if necessary.

Until 3 years old, their stay is free. Beyond, we offer a 30% discount on our prices.

  • Workshop and childcare services

You want to keep your children busy for a romantic session? Creative workshop and childcare at the beach are offered by Stephanie. As a devoted mom, she is a trusted and loving person. She is also a passionate teacher and has work 18 years in French institutions in Morocco. Full of ideas and enthusiasm, she can take cake or your children for few hours! For more information, do not hesitate to contact her via instagram/lespetitsdoigtsdefee75.

  • What kind of shops can you find in Imsouane ?

Imsouane is a small village that offers all fundamental shops and facilities such as cafes/ juice bar, grocery shops, surf shops, craft shops of local artisans, a barber, a massage center and a massage center.

  • Can I buy and drink alcohol in Imsouane?

The purchase and consumption of alcohol is tolerated in Morocco, although this is not part of the local culture. Beers and table wine from Morocco are available at some restaurants/cafes. If you want to consume spirits during your stay, you should plan on bringing it with you. You can buy it at the airport.