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“Travel Surf Morocco” or “we” applies to the SARL Registered Moroccan Company “Travel Surf Morocco SARL” and their staff.
The “customer”, “you”, “guest” or “guests” applies to the person/s who will or have already booked any services provided by “Travel Surf Morocco SARL”.

1. Insurance

The guest agrees that they are in good health and fit for surfing, yoga and all other activities organized by Travel Surf Morocco. If there are any medical situations, specific diet, allergies or any other elements which may affect the surfing ability of the guest, the guest MUST tell Travel Surf Morocco before arrival or as soon as they arrive at Travel Surf Morocco. Although we will do our best to take care of you during your stay with Travel Surf Morocco.

Guests agree that they must listen carefully to all instructions of the surf and yoga coaches for their own safety and for the safety of other people. We will give you advice to avoid injury. Guests are aware of the risks involved in the practice of surf and yoga. Guests accept that accidents happen and that Travel Surf Morocco is not responsible in any way for any injury, death or loss or damages of belongings.

It is the responsibility of the guest to prevent sunstroke by regular drinking bottled water, by wearing suncream, hats and sunglasses as needed for the guest. It is not advised to drink tap water in Morocco.

Travel Surf Morocco sets up non-mandatory insurance that prevent most common risks:

  • Property insurance: 30 € / person
    covers eventual unwitting damages on any items belonging to Travel Surf Morocco. In case of minor damage, no additional fees will be charged.

The underwriting (subscription) of this insurance does not exempt the client to its obligations. The respect of safety instructions, as well as the good treatment of any equipment is required. Travel Surf Morocco will show to its clients how to take care of the equipment and will explain the rules of priority on the surf spots.

In the case of non-subscription to this insurance, of non-compliance of safety rules and/or in the case of intentional degradation of the equipment (even if the client subscribed to the insurance), Travel Surf Morocco reserves the right to ask the accused, the immediate payment or the full reimbursement of expenses incurred. It is the decision of Travel Surf Morocco to define the amount of the repair cost or replacement of the equipment. Defined from the price of the local market and the expertise of our suppliers / shapers, this amount is non-negotiable.

2. Payment and refunds policy

The booking of the stay is confirmed on receipt of the deposit (20%) and the client form duly completed and signed. The remaining amount is payable upon arrival to travel Surf Morocco in cash (euros or equivalent in dirhams).

Travel Surf Morocco undertakes to do its best to offer customers the best places favorable to the practice of Surfing. Nevertheless, we are not responsible of the climatic conditions. In the rare cases where the conditions do not allow us to surf, no refund will be granted to compensate for the surf, yoga or any other activity organized by Travel Surf Morocco. On the other hand, we will propose you alternative activities, such as projections of surf movies, games or excursions. Our team will do its possible to your satisfaction.

Once the booking deposit has been paid, no refund can be done in case of cancellation. If the cancellation is done more than 1 month before the scheduled date, it is possible to keep the deposit paid for a next stay (within 6 months). If the cancellation occurs after this month delay, the deposit is kept by Travel Surf Morocco as compensation. Travel Surf Morocco does not offer refund if the customer is indisposed during his stay (injury / illness).

If a member of the team Travel Surf Morocco is not able to fulfill its functions, we guarantee that we will do our best to substitute another qualified surf coach.

If a customer is acting in a disruptive manner, behaving irresponsibly, with violence or disrespectful attitude towards another person, the furniture or equipment placed at its disposal, Travel Surf Morocco has the right to ask him to leave immediately. In this case, it is the responsibility of Travel Surf Morocco to decide if, yes or no, a refund may be granted. This decision is non-negotiable.

3. Changes of bookings

If a customer wants to change the details of his trip (dates, schedules, reserved activity or package) it is the decision of Travel Surf Morocco to decide if, yes or no, the change is possible, and under what pricing conditions.

If needed, Travel Surf Morocco reserves the right to change your room at any time during your stay. This change will be made with an equivalent or higher standard. Travel Surf Morocco will do its best to inform you of any change of room upon your arrival.

4. Loss, stolen or broken of your personal effects

Our team is very attentive to your safety in and out of the water. We guarantee you to do our best in order to take you in safe surf spots and places.

The customer is responsible to take care of his personal effects within the establishment as well as on the places of activities. Travel Surf Morocco does not take the responsibility on the personal effects of customers, even in the event of a theft or a deterioration. We recommend you to take care of your personal effects at any time and leave the objects of value in your rooms.

5. Use of Personal Data

The data that we collect through our web site are strictly reserved for our own use and will not be shared with any other public or private entity. We do not sell or give any information concerning our customers to external sources. If you wish to correct, update or delete any information concerning you, within our system, send us the details of your request to

Our IT servers, identify your IP address and work with others to assist us in the maintenance and improvements of our computer tools. This information is transmitted in the form of anonymous statistics, in order to establish the rates of associates the higher of the day or week, the pages containing errors, and to determine the effectiveness of our marketing. This information is in no case used, for other things.

Travel Surf Morocco informs you that the photos / videos taken during your stay can be used for promotional purposes or commercial, without financial compensation. If you do not want your photos or videos to be used, please, mention it expressly as soon as the confirmation of your stay is done.