Our quiver

A quality quiver is the best way to have fun in the water. This is why at Travel Surf Morocco, we want to give you the best boards. To enjoy the waves of Imsouane and to improve your skills as quickly as possible !


Youssef is a really experienced surfer, and he has tried a lot of boards in his life. Today, especially for you, he has managed to build a quiver that is unique in Morocco. It is made of a large range of boards that suit all the levels : softboards, hybrids (Torq, NSP), longboards, shortboards and fish (see gallery below, non-exhaustive list).

You will have the opportunity to try high quality surfboards shaped by famous craftsmen : TakayamaMcTavishBluff LongboardsNotoxAl MerrickDelmar or Terry surfboards.

It is very important for us to be part of the development of surfing in Morocco. This is why we have in our quiver some boards of skilled and talented Moroccan shapers such as Fahd or Almoda. We also want to help novice shapers to improve their boards thanks to Youssef’s experience and sharp eye. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to take advantage of his experience, because he’s always looking for new boards to try to find a gem 😉.



Mini malibu and evolutives

Shortboards and fish


We know that surfing can be a way to have a better future for young Moroccans and to open their mind. This is why we often establish initiatives such as surf initiations, exchange with French teenagers, etc. Among these initiatives, we donate surfing stuff (boards and wetsuits) to the teenagers from Imsouane and around. If you want to help us to give them the opportunity to have a better life, do not hesitate to contact us !