What to do in Imsouane ?

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What to do in Imsouane and around except surfing ? This is an often-asked question. Indeed, even if Imsouane is famous for being a surfers’ paradise, sometimes (not so often ;)) conditions are not as good as expected, or you want to have some rest or discover new things. That’s why we made this list of what to do in Imsouane and around.


Well-being : Massage, hammam and yoga

Imagine yourself  : you just finished a long session at the Bay, and after a good meal, you’re going to have a massage… Actually, it’s not only a dream. A couple of hundred meters away from the Bay, try argan oil massages with Amina, as well as scrub or hammam.

Yoga and surfing are known to complement one another. So don’t hesitate to take part in a lesson in order to discover this activity, to improve your skills or just to relax thanks to the advice of your certified teacher.

Argan oil massage, yoga and hammam

Sport : walks, sand surf, paddle

If you’re a sport-lover, here are some ideas of what to do in Imsouane.

In n case of small conditions, you could take a SUP either to try to ride the waves, or to do paddle around the Bay and discover it in a new way.

In the middle of breathtaking dune and rocky landscapes, explore Imsouane’s surroundings. If you get lucky, you may see goats perched on argan trees or even some bald ibis. When waves are big, they directly break against the cliffs in a really deafening noise, creating wonderful visions and beautiful pictures if you love taking photos. You will also enjoy some “secret” empty beaches along the coastline where you can have some rest. Do not forget to take a hat as well as water !

What to fo in Imsouane

Rest, tasting

Because holiday also means rest, enjoy Imsouane lifestyle : wander in the streets or in the harbor when fishermen come back ;  have some well deserved fresh drinks and msemen (Moroccan crepe) after your session. Our favorite spots : “Chez Jolo” to grill the fish you have bought at the market, “O Happy Bay” for a smoothie or a snack facing the Bay, “4L Coffee” for a coffee or “Chez Momo” for a tea in front of the sunset.
Snack, boat and sunset



Cultural visit

Imsouane is half-way between Essaouira (north) and Agadir (south), two towns loaded with history. Follow the famous N1, which connects both cities and is surrounded by argan trees on one side, and the ocean on the other.

Stroll along Essaouira’s fortifications and on its alleys, discovering the local craftsmen and their skills. Also have a look at its food “souk” (market) and its typical fishing harbor. You will fall in love with this delightful place that managed to be preserved from mass tourism.

Agadir, south of Imsouane, is a way different city. Almost completely destroyed after an earthquake in 1960, you can visit both its kasbah (the only part remaining of the original city) and the modern city, rebuilt after the tragedy. You will find there the largest souk of the country (souk El Had), recently renovated, where you should find everything you need (handicraft, carpet, jewellery, clothes, fruits & vegetables, etc.) 

Also, discover another wealth of  Souss-Massa : argan. It has been used as a way of development for local people, and especially women. You will encounter some feminine farming cooperatives on your way to Imsouane. Don’t hesitate to visit them and discover the secrets of this local expertise so that you will appreciate it even more when you return at home. Not only used for cosmetics, but also as a food oil, you will find it in Amlou, a local dish made out of argan oil, crushed almonds and honey.

At last, make an excursion to Tamri’s souk (every Monday). Famous for its bananas, the village is filled with booths of all kinds. Total change of scene !

Souk, Essaouira, amlou

Nature excursions

At 30 minutes from Imsouane, discover Tamri and its dunes. There, you will get both the possibility of having a great view of the ocean, and to experiment a surprising activity : sand surfing. Ride the dunes like a snowboarder, but without the cold and in front of the ocean !  Enjoy this experience with a well deserved tea served its Moroccan cakes in front of the sunset.

At only some kilometers from the village, on the road joining the N1 in direction of Essaouira, discover “La Source”. After walking through a steep moon-shaped landscape, you will arrive at this place, which is a real oasis, verdurous and with many plantations. Moreover, it offers a great view of the area. You will also surely encounter local farmers and have the opportunity to talk with them.

After a 50 minutes drive, you can reach Idda Oukazzou, famous both for its forest that clashes with the arid landscapes around, and its panorama of the region. You will also find a typical farm, with its flock and different buildings, where people try to carry on the typical way of life.

But also : Moulay Abdellah dam, salt extraction site in Azla, Paradise Valley…

What to do in Imsouane



Now that you know what to do in Imsouane and around except surfing, you have every reason to visit us 😉. We are waiting for you here at TSM, either you want to enjoy Imsouane in our all inclusive surfcamp package (transport, full accommodation and surf), or more free and independent.

See you soon !