Imsouane Surf Guiding


Regular of Imsouane and curious about its sauvage coast ?  “Imsouane Surf Guiding” is made for you ! Treat yourself at the right time on the best spots depending on the conditions and your level. In a group of 8 persons maximum, you will surf the best waves of Imsouane and around. Be ready to discover some uncrowded spot up north of Imsouane but also the famous ones around Taghazout (Anchor Point, Banana, Boilers). Everyday, you will have 2 sessions supervised by an experienced surf teacher : one coached session and one free session. Your coach will not only ensure your safety and help you to improve your skills, but he will also try to capture your best waves. Based in Imsouane where you will enjoy Chef Ahmed’s delicious meals, you will quickly feel at home ! 

[Package available all year long]


The spots

Between Agadir and Essaouira, discover a lot of quality waves (reef, beach break, pointbreak…) adapted to your level, and less busy than the Bay can be on some days. Ready to go ?

Imsouane surf Guiding


Located in 90 km north of Agadir, Imsouane is a small fishing village that we love! Far from everything but close to paradise… It is surrounded by an amazing nature which breaths peace and tranquility. It is perfect to disconnect from stressfull life and surf all day long! Surrounded by the ocean, Imsouane has an amazing surf potential within walking distance. The location offers a choice of 3 spots adapted to all levels: the Bay, the Reef and the Cathedral.



At the end of a typical road going down over the cliff, you will arrive on this large desert beach surrounded by a breathtaking landscape. This beach break suits all the levels and works better with little swells.


In the middle of sand dunes, Tafedna is known for having many spots adapted to everyone. You will find there beach breaks for beginners, longboarders and SUP, but also a point break (right) for most advanced surfers.


This spot, accessible after taking a long track, is hidden between cliffs protecting it from the wind. Yuu may encounter fishermen there with his donkey. Iftane has a beautiful point break (right) that suits all the levels, and some beach breaks.

Sidi Kaouki

This is a very similar village to Imsouane that will please everyone : goofy and regular, beginners and advanced. On windless days, you can surf at every tide thanks to its beach breaks and reefs that work from 50 cm to 3 m.

Cap Sim

Sheltered from the north wind thanks to its orientation, “La Couronne” (name of the wave) is a long right, perfect for intermediary surfers as well as most advanced ones.



A long right hander breaks from this small beach, often sheltered from the Northerly winds; it provides an all level wave more consistent at low tide. When you have finished up on this wave you are a 100 meters away from Banana village. This little town is famous for its tajines and very good bananas!


North of Agadir are several spots given their names in km’s by the distance they are from the city. The breaks of 11, 12, 14 (Imouran), 17, 25. There you’ll find a variety of waves for all levels. Are long and great beaches where after surfing you can take long walks and sunbathing.

Anchor Point

Very famous spot near Taghazout. Works best in offshore winds from the northeast. Groundswells are more common than windswells and the best swell direction is from the northwest. Best around low tide. A fairly popular wave that can sometimes get crowded. Take care of rocks in the line up.

La source

Fresh water springs bubble up from the onshore rock formations forming ‘the Well’ providing performance walls and a high lifting A-frame perfect for all levels of surfing abilities. On the push on a small swell the right handers hold up towards the cliffs while the rarer lefts break out towards the beach section. Small reef sections combining with sandy sections provide a clean wave mostly.


If you want to surf big waves, Boilers is your spot. Winds funnel down from the mountains offering large vertical lips and speed wall. This powerful right hander washes into a strong shallow reef. Get ready to scamper across the reef on your way out before the next set hits. Often visited by pro photographers for the intensity of pictures available. Great spot for good surfers.


It’s a really long sand beach where Tamri’s oued (on which you can do SUP) flows into the ocean. This beach break attracts the swell and is the best spot in case of flat time. The village is surrounded by banana plantations, and is worth a stop particularly for its delicious tajines ! 


Imsouane Accommodation – The Surf Lodge

The Surf Lodge in Imsouane is our base camp. Because we like to be comfortable and make you feel at home, we choose this house to be close to our favorite surf spots! Situated in front of the ocean, 5 min walking from the village and the spots (Magic bay, Cathedral Point and the Reef). Between two sessions, you can chill in your room or enjoy commun spaces: sunny courtyard, cozy moroccan salon and large open terrace. A new kitchen has been fitted out on the terrace to enjoy it even more.



✈️ All-inclusive formula : book your flight, we’ll do the rest !

😎 Good ambiance : between the comfort of the surf camp and the adrenaline of the surf trip

🐟 Traditional and tasty food from our chef Ahmed

🚙 Guiding on less busy spots depending on the conditions, but also surf in Imsouane

🏄‍♀️ In small group, improve quickly thanks to the waves and your skilled teacher

🤙 Possible to try different boards during your stay

What includes

    • Shuttle from & to Agadir/Essaouira airport or bus station*
    • Accommodation in our surfcamp or the annex**
    • 3 meals per day (breakfast, lunch at the beach and dinner)
    • 2 daily surf sessions with an experienced local coach ***
    • Transport to the best surfspots (+/- 3 days/week according to the conditions)
    • Surf equipment (board and wetsuit)
    • Photo analysis of your best sessions
    • Wifi
      from 770€ / week (7 nights)

* Transfer from or to Marrakech possible for extra 70€ (one way)
** Shared room. Upon availability : double room for extra 10-15€/night/person and private room (one person) for extra 20-25€/night
Possibility to choose another accommodation (Villa Idyssa or Private apartment – Price on request)
*** No surf coaching included on arrival/departure day