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Holidays without Wifi in Imsouane

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I’m currently working without Wifi in Imsouane, only a 3G card.

Nowadays, everywhere we go in the world, one thing became the first preoccupation in our temporary accommodation: The Wifi’s password. In Travel Surf Morocco, there is no exception, every guest, after a few minutes in the surf camp will asked THE question “Do you have Wifi in Imsouane?”

I should give you a quick reminder about the place where you just landed. “Imsouane Beach” is describe as a small fisherman village. So let’s make it clear, there is no Wifi in the entire village, except in some café and restaurant. In fact, they don’t really have Wifi they just share a 3G connection 😉 So now you are fixed…

I can already hear you screaming behind your computer! « How is it possible? How can someone live without Wifi? » I would be a lier telling you I didn’t ask myself the same question. I was thinking about my work, my family, my girlfriend, my social networks and all the other things that were part of my townsman routine. But after a few days (and a 3G card) I felt much better. I analyzed the origin of my frustration, and the point was: “There is no problem, except the one we create in our head”.

In Imsouane and particularly in Travel Surf Morocco, you will live to another rhythm: the one played by Mother Nature. Disconnect with your city life and take some time to reconnect with yourself. Catch this opportunity to take a break far from the “virtual” life and to truly live the moment.


Tip n°1 to survive without Wifi in Imsouane – Get rid of parasitic connections

Let me explain a little bit this expression. What I call a “parasitic connection” is every little habit linked to your cellphone or your computer that you do several times a day without even knowing why. It is something sticked to your daily life, like a parasite. How many time a day we all spent on our electronic devices, disconnected from the real world? Sometimes it is for professional reasons, but most of the time it is more for futile things, that consume a ton of our rare free moments.

Think about all theses nights, you went to bed early to have some rest, but you stayed awaken hours later just because you were stuck in your social media pages, YouTube and other websites or applications. There are so many examples of theses situations. It might be a little difficult the first hours, but you will see how easy it is to simply forget about your devices.

Wifi in Imsouane


Tip n°2 to survive without Wifi in Imsouane – Just go surfing!

If you are in Travel Surf Morocco, only one thing matters: surfing. The legendary spots of the Bay and the Cathedral will give you everything you dreamt about. Theses breaks catch nearly every North- North/West swells. When the combination of swell and wind are perfect, you might have one of the longest waves of your life. Perfect for all level of surfers. If you are a beginner and you manage to ride one of theses endless rights, you will be hooked to this feeling forever. And for every intermediate to experience surfer, theses perfect waves will haunt your dreams as soon as you will leave Imsouane. This is why everybody calls the spot: The Magic Bay.

And guest what? If you need a computer or a mobile phone to surf on the Internet, you only need a surfboard and a ton of positive energy to enjoy your session.

Some says surfing is similar to meditation. It is one of these moments where you totally clear you mind and let the sea wash your soul. You will learn to follow the rhythm of the tides and have a better understanding of the ocean. Your only preoccupation will be the next wave you will catch, or the one you just missed!


Wifi in Imsouane


Tip n°3 to survive without Wifi in Imsouane – Appreciate every single detail

We are all stuck in big cities, where everything looks gigantic, the buildings, the crowd, the traffic, the supermarkets…. There is no place for individuals; it is like everyone is a part of a big mass. If you walk in a big city, you will find most of the people walking around connected to their devices, living between the digital and the real world. We tend to forget to appreciate the details that make the beauty of the life itself.

During your stay in Travel Surf Morocco, make an effort to be amazed by the surrounding. Forget this reflex to take out your phone every five minutes to take pictures for your next trending Instagram post. During your sessions, our photographer will be there to capture your best waves! Enjoy the landscape with your eyes and not through the screen of your phone.  The real beauty of nature doesn’t need filter!

When you wake up in the morning, pay attention to the sweet melody of the birds singing, walk to the rooftop and admire the beauty of the sunrise behind the hills. While surfing, enjoy the breathtaking landscapes, a mix between cliffs, mountains, colorful fisherman houses, and infinite lines of perfect waves.

When you will come back to the surf camp after the beautiful sunset late session, let the sweet scents of Chef Ahmed delicious cooking whets your appetite. During the free times, just take a walk to the village. Immerse yourself in the harbor, with the fishy smells, the typical blue boats and this atmosphere specific at Imsouane.

Wifi in Imsouane


Tip n°4 to survive without Wifi in Imsouane – Take your time

“Tranquille, all tranquille” this is what you will often hear around here, which means “take it easy”. You will forget about the date, the plans. It is like a timeless parenthesis: take the time to appreciate the power of the present moment.

In the accommodation, you will share your days with people from all over the world. Get the opportunity to open yourself  and enrich your soul with this experience. Build the memories: laugh, exchange, discuss, sing, play cards, simply live. Nowadays with the social networks, people meet each other virtually first, and then choose (or not) to meet physically. Here it is different, you will meet people first, than you might add them on your social networks as friends at the end of your stay. This is what we call be a part of the Travel Surf Morocco Family.

Wifi Imsouane


Tip n°5 to survive without Wifi in Imsouane – Buy a 3G card 

This last advice might look a little bit awkward considering the fact this article is made to rethink about the way we could live without Internet. But let’s be realistic, you just arrived in Imsouane. A fisherman village,at two hours drive from the next big city. You might have some people you need to reassure. Get a connection, send them a message and tell them that your Internet is limited for a temporary moment. They will be more comprehensive, and you will be relieved of a weight.

Just buy a little Moroccan SIM card with 2GO of Internet; it will cost you 50 DIH, and trust me it will be enough for the week if you use it wisely.

Wifi in Imsouane


That was the five points to prepare your arrival at our surf camp, or five points to remember if you already stayed with us. Take time to think about this little experience after all. Put your cellphone aside, observe the beauty of your surrounding, talk to people and reconnect with yourself. And if it is still too complicated, book a new trip with us 😉