Protect what you love

Protect what you love

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” Protect what you love ” is a very fashionable sentence right now… But what is its real meaning?

We all know the state of our oceans is a disgrace due to our overuse and inconsiderate disposal of plastics. To make an impact on the health of our sea you could start today. Just simply go to the beach and do it, pick up the rubbish you will inevitably find there.

We are so happy to get to know Lucas – our friend and guest here, in Travel Surf Morocco. Since the first day he arrived Lucas spontaneously started to clean the beach and land around the camp each day ! Now, we are enjoying Moroccan hospitality and the thoughtful conversations with Lucas !

” Lucas, thanks for all your actions related to the beach cleaning here in Imsouane! We all appreciate it here at Travel Surf Morocco !

– Thank you! I do love the ocean! The way I see it, the relationship between us is like that of a mother and a son. I try to protect and take care of the things I truly like!

Why do you want to get involved?

– You know, the ocean brings us so many positive aspects, I feel I have to give something back. When you surf every day here in Imsouane, you eat fresh fish, relax under the sun and suddenly you see plastic bottles around you – it makes me so sad! I also would like to show everybody that it’s simple- you could take a bag and in 5 minutes it would be full. And I think if everyone in Imsouane does it, we are going to enjoy the pleasant view for quite a long time !

 Do you think it’s important to protect what we love?

– I think so! Every day in Travel Surf Morocco I find a few minutes before a surf session and do a clean up. I don’t think it’s necessary to make a big event out of it, because you could do it alone, basically everywhere and anytime!

How do people react to you in Imsouane?

– Sometimes people smile at me and say a few kind words, but not all of them take action. We talk so much about the ocean, surfing and everything around this industry, I guess it’s time to actually do something also! I’m happy to see many enthusiastic guys at Travel Surf Morocco wish for the best possible future for Imsouane and for the environment in general.”


In the end, I would like to add one thing : be aware and mindful of your actions.

Don’t support plastic production. Just don’t buy it.

And protect what you love!

Elena G.