Morocco Surf Trip with Youssef


Surf trip lovers, get your backpacks ready! “Surf Trip Morocco” is the perfect package for the adventurer within each of you! Do you want to experience a real surf trip, discover new waves, and immerse yourself in Moroccan culture? Then this “Surf Trip Morocco” package is made for you! Enjoy it now…

Accompanied by Youssef himself, a surfing guru renowned throughout the region, you will explore the southern coast of Morocco for a whole week. From Essaouira to Sidi Ifni via Imsouane, you’ll have the chance to move around as the days and conditions go by, surfing both must-see and secret spots. Be sure that you’ll be surfing the best waves at the best time ! Don’t ask for a precise itinerary : Youssef will decide as you go along based on your wishes and the conditions. But be assured you’ll have an unforgettable stay, rich in surfing and emotion.


For those who haven’t met him yet, Youssef embodies the spirit of Travel Surf Morocco. Connected to the sea since forever, he will surely pass on his passion for the ocean, which holds no secrets for him anymore. By choosing the best spots, he personally ensures your technical progression, improving your style, advising and encouraging you throughout your stay. Sociable and full of energy, he does what he loves most : being in the water and simply sharing his way of life!

Besides surfing, immerse yourself in Morocco’s vibrant culture by exploring bustling souks, savoring delicious tagines, and admiring the fascinating architecture of historic medinas. Depending on the surf programme, you’ll stay in accommodation ranging from friendly surf hostels to traditional Moroccan riads. Enjoy Moroccan hospitality, savour the local cuisine and relax after a busy day on the waves!

Morocco Surf Trip




From Sidi Kaouiki (north) to Sidi Ifni (south), you will discover a wide range of spots, from pointbreak to beachbreak. We commit to get you to not crowded spots and adapted to your level !


In the middle of sand dunes, Tafedna is known for having many spots adapted to everyone. You will find there beach breaks for beginners, longboarders and SUP, but also a point break (right) for most advanced surfers.


This spot, accessible after taking a long track, is hidden between cliffs protecting it from the wind. Yuu may encounter fishermen there with his donkey. Iftane has a beautiful point break (right) that suits all the levels, and some beach breaks.

Anchor Point

Very famous spot near Taghazout. Works best in offshore winds from the northeast. Groundswells are more common than windswells and the best swell direction is from the northwest. Best around low tide. A fairly popular wave that can sometimes get crowded. Take care of rocks in the line up.


45 minutes away from Tiznit, Mirleft is a hillside village. Its main street is trimmed with arcades and cafés. It’s also famous for the numerous spots you will find there : Grande Plage, Rasta Point, Marabout, Tamarouchte…


If you head south from Agadir, Morocco towards Sidi Ifni, just 10km out you’ll find this amazing place where nature shows off her beauty and the water and wind have carved the majestic red stone arches that extend along this sandy beach. It’s quiet here, not very touristic …you can really feel the sound of the ocean and it transports you to another world. It’s known among nature lovers and surfers, not only for its beauty, but also for its friendliness. The colors in the morning and at sunset are unique and unforgettable. You can try paragliding there to discover the arches differently.

Sidi Ifni

Along Morocco’s southern coast, past the European throngs that fill Agadir is calm, quiet, and secluded Sidi Ifni. The main wave is a long righthand wall breaking over boulder type rocks way on the outside. 2 lefts and the town beachbreak complete the panorama on the “promenade”. 2km to the south, a righthander breaks off the end of the harbour wall that protects an inside left when big.


                    • 28/09 – 05/10/2024 : only 6 spot left !
                    • 07/12 – 14/12/2024
                    • 04/01 – 11/01/2025
                    • 08/03 –  15/03/2025
                    • 03/05 – 10/05/2025

Limited places (maximum 8 people per Surf trip), don’t wait to book your spot.
It is also possible to plan other surf trip weeks throughout the year if you are a group of 5 people (at least). We can discuss it according to your availability and Youssef’s!


✈️ All-inclusive package, you just need to book your flights and we take care of everything else

🏄 Youssef – Your guide with a passion for surfing, surf culture and sharing!

😎 Small group only

🚙 Guiding to the best spots in the region at the best times

🌊 Authentic atmosphere : surf trip spirit

🇲🇦 Discover the local culture


“Youssef is the perfect guide for surfing-guiding, he knows the region perfectly and above all he motivates like no one! Perfect spot atmosphere, away from the crowd and pro tips.” Sam B.

“Youssef is probably one of the best coaches I’ve ever met. He has an impressive knowledge of surfing and waves which brings us to his pedagogy, a different and complementary approach to usual surf lessons. But especially his great experience in the field of surfing and coaching make him an extraordinary coach, whose advice has clearly played in my surfing progress. He helped me build confidence to push my limits and overcome my fears.” Vanessa. L

What includes

  • Transport throughout the week (from Agadir airport)
  • Quality accommodation in shared rooms (or private rooms if possible)
  • 3 meals a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  • Guiding to the best spots every day 
  • Daily surf sessions with Youssef
  • Surf equipment (board and wetsuit)
  • Morocco Surf Trip
    from 920€/week (7 nights)

  • Book now your Morocco Surf Trip !